January 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “Biden Claims he will end Cancer

  1. What a laugh, Biden could not cure crapping in his drawers, the man is a waste of time for the American people. He is ruining this Country at a fast pace and must be stopped.

  2. Cure for cancer would be a miracle!

    Biden talks a lot but he needs to produce! Talk is cheap! He can’t even unify our country!

  3. This clown doesn’t even actually know what cancer is. To him it’s just a word somebody said was the cause of death and now he is going to “cure” it ??? He can’t even find his way back from the bathroom.

    This is really great, though. A new government “Biotech” agency. – Wasn’t it one of those that brought us Covid? Just hope the new congress can shut off any money that it will take for them to unleash new plagues on us. Seeing how they had such a good time with covid I’m sure the NWO Marxists would love another PAN-demik.

    Vote ALL swamp rats including RINOs out the month after next then….
    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back an keep it this time!

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