February 3, 2023

2 thoughts on “State Therapist Advocates for Pedophile Rights

  1. That’s a man trying to believe he’s a woman and trying to get everyone else to believe it, too. HE needs A LOT of help AND prayers. YUCK!

  2. The simple fact that the state (any state) doesn’t automatically enforce capital punishment on convicted pedophiles is already more care and understanding than they deserve IMHO. The other simple fact that incarcerated pedophiles are also frequently attacked (sometimes fatally) by other inmates who, regardless of the severity of their own misdeeds, consider child molestation to be truly the worst possible crime any person can commit, speaks volumes about the perceived level of depravity associated with this person even by those who may have raped or murdered people themselves. Can they be rehabilitated or change their sick ways? Doubtful! Do you want to trust them with your children? No way in hell! I do not advocate that prison is even a suitable punishment. Getting out of prison opens up the possibility of recidivism and possibly gives hope of finding another victim. If capital punishment offends you, then exile the person to some place like Devil’s Island with no chance of parole. No internet, quality food or soft bedding either. The idea is to cull that person from the herd as quickly as possible.

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